3 Important Questions

That will help you get the most out of your next nail appointment

So you are planning on getting your nails done, before setting up your appointment there are three questions you should be able to answer to insure that you have a long lasting design, you don’t under book your appointment and most importantly don’t put your life at risk. With these questions answered, you will get the most out of your trip out to your favorite nail salon and will be able to enjoy those nails longer.

  1. What type of products do you have on your nails now?

You have had your nails on now for a few weeks; you have some growth and want a new set. You can get your nails trimmed and keep the work you have now and get a rebalance (fills) to bring those nails back to life. When getting a fill make sure that the same product is used. To get the best possible adhesion to the nails, you have on always ask for your artist to use the same product. Not all acrylics are the same, the good acrylics are safe and give more control over the curing time. Cheaper Acrylics with MMA, Methyl methacrylatewont, are the exact opposite and won’t bind to the ones with ethyl methacrylate (EMA) safe products like Young Nails. MMA is on average ten times cheaper than EMA  monomer. You should avoid getting nails done with the cheaper versions since they can cause health risks because they are industrial grade, not cosmetic. Be watchful and ask your nail artists what the name of the product they are using is and look for labels on the bottles. It’s up to you to protect yourself by asking your nail artists about the products they plan to use on you.

2. You can to get a rebalance (fills) but do you have lifting?

Let’s say you noticed a significant amount of lifting; the best thing to do is to remove those nails and start a new set. One thing to keep in mind is that if one of your nails separated from the nail matrix, others will surely be next. It’s a safe bet that others will start to lift and that can create a home for fungi to multiply and spread. If you have any lifting, it’s always better to remove all the work that you have and start fresh. Regardless, both options will take approximately the same amount of time; the smart thing to do is get a new set to insure a lasting set of nails free from possible fungal growth and lifting.

3. How much time will you need to get that dream set of nails done?

A nail artist that takes the correct steps to prepare your nails before applying any product will insure that your design is a long-lasting and safe nail design that will help prevent any fungal growth from happening. When you set up your appointment book it with the understanding that you will need to do a removal or you may be in luck and can do a rebalance.  Any nail removal will normally take from 30minutes to 1 hour minutes to do. Most acrylic or gel nails will take from one and a half to two hours to complete; this depends on how much nail art you want to be done.  Keep that in mind when setting up your next appointment.

By knowing what you have on your nails now and going to a reputable salon that uses high-quality products, you can insure that your nails will get you lots of compliments for many days to come. Keep in mind that cheaper nails are usually done with products that are also cheap. Fills are an option when the nails you have on now are done with high-quality products. When your nail artist takes the time to prep your nails, you will have a great design that will get you compliments for many days to come.