House Nail Artist

Cynthia Fernandez

Cynthia is an amazing nail artist that can create beautiful acrylic nails. The style of nails does for her guests will get them many second looks. Like all great artists she is working to master her craft and recently became a Swarovski Certified Nail Artist. Book with her today to have amazing nails.

Artist Skill Level

Hard Gel




Nail Art


Book a Nail Service

Cynthia will start off new sets by prepping the nails for the acrylic forms. The prepping can include either a removal or reforming for a rebalance or fills.

30 Min

$ 20
  • Gel polish removal and clean up or short acrylic removal (EMA)
  • Kids mani with polish and simple nail art
  • Nail art add on(simple design) or fix

1 Hr

$ 40
  • MMA removal
  • Gel manicure
  • Nude acrylic overlay
  • Simple fills or short nude acrylic nails

1 Hr 30 Min

$ 60
  • Gel manicure with nail art
  • Overlay with nail art
  • Short extensions
  • Short sculpted nails
  • Simple rebalance

2 Hr

$ 80
  • Long sculptured nails
  • Long tip extensions nail art
  • Rebalance with simple nail art

2 hr 30 Min

$ 100
  • Gel extensions with nail art
  • Extra long nails
  • Rebalance with extra nail art

3 Hr

$ 120
  • Nails with extra nail art and detail

Artist Portfolio

Here are some of Cynthia’s latest designs separated by the amount of time they took.

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