Advanced Nail Artist Educator

Undarmaa ‘Darma’ is our nail salon Advanced Nail Artist and educator, she teaches people how to create nail art and is also a certified educator for Swarovski and Akzentz. She has created nails that get shared and seen by millions of people. You probably have seen her work on Good Housekeeping, Nail Pro Magazine, and other online publications. She is available to teach you how to create nail art, and you can also book an appointment with her to make your hands and nails look camera ready.

Nail Art Services Offered by Darma

1 Hour

$ 70
  • Get Nude clear acrylic or gel overlay, or simple Après extensions with minimal reshaping
  • Or simple fills with nude or clear acrylic.
  • Or Nail work removal (MMA or Extended Nails)
  • Or just a simple manicure

1 Hr 30 Mins

$ 105
  • Get a gel manicure or clear acrylic overlay with nail extension removal
  • Gel manicure with nail art
  • A set of short and simple extensions
  • Après gel extensions with simple nail art
  • Or simple rebalance (fills) with gel polish or nail art

2 Hour

$ 140
  • Get medium sculptured acrylic extensions
  • Hard gel nail extensions
  • Medium length nail extensions with nail art
  • Medium length nail extensions with nail art
  • Or a fill and rebalance with simple nail art

2 Hr 30 Mins

$ 175
  • Hard gel extensions with nail art
  • Sculpted nail art extensions with nail art
  • Long nail extensions
  • Or rebalance (fills) with extra nail art

3 Hour

$ 210
  • Get extra-long nail extensions with nail art
  • Sculpted gel or hard gel nails with extra nail art
  • Detailed nail art using Swarovski crystals, custom embellishments and encapsulated nail art

3 HR 30 min

$ 245
  • Pick this service if you are looking for one of a kind detailed nail art, with extreme shapes or embellishments customized to your liking.

4 Hour

$ 280
  • Pick this service if you are looking for one of a kind detailed nail art ready for print for high fashion photoshoots, weddings or commercials.

Darma’s portfolio includes editorial and high fashion nail art that has been published and seen by millions. She has participated in nail art competitions most recently she competed in IBS Las Vegas 2017. Below you can get an idea of what she can create based on time.

Within an hour you can get a gel manicure with simple nail art. The style of manicuring that she does is called Russian manicuring and something that she specializes in. The manicure will set the foundation for the nails she can do for you. 

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Book with her for an hour thirty to get your nails manicured and extended or filled depending on the condition of your nails. She can also add length to your nails with Akzentz Gel-X tips or with high-quality acrylic from Valentino, Tammy Taylor or Young Nails.  

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Within two hours Darma can do some fantastic nails that require more technical skill, like acrylic ombres and nails that have less than 4 accent nails and nails with crystals or freehand artwork.

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Within two hours and thirty minutes you can get several accent nails with more complexity. This is the right amount of time for longer nail art design that have more than 4 accent accent nails.

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In three hours Darma can create custom charms and nails with lots of detail and complexity. Longer nail art designs, nails for special occasions like weddings or nails for photoshoots can be done in this time.

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