Bridal and Quinceañera/Sweet 16:
Group Reservations.

Our nail artists will complete your look by helping you get the nails you want on that special day.

Reserve a Group Appointment for that Special Occasion

The Front door of D'Licious Nails a Nail Salon in El Paso, TX

Reserve a spa day for you and your closest friends.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to get nails and a pedicure with your closest friends before your wedding or quince or sweet 16, we have a beautiful nail salon located in Far East El Paso, perfectly ready to help the hands and feet of your court or bridesmaids. We can create a coordinated set of nails for your group or individualized sets of nails and pedicures.

Getting ready for your big day is a lot easier with the help of our nail salon.

The inside of D'Licious Nails Nail art studio in East El Paso

Enjoy your nail and pedicure appointment for your wedding or quinceañera with your bridesmaids or court at our Far East El Paso Nail Art Studio.

Enjoy a nail and pedicure spa day at our beautiful nail salon with your loved ones. Bring in your drinks and hors d’oeuvres to enjoy a spa day with your guests at one of the most beautiful and welcoming salons with some of the most talented nail artists.

Get the perfect nails for that day

Our studio nail artists (nail technicians) are skilled at creating detailed nails and doing amazing pedicures before preparing guests for those special occasions.

We can help your nails look as fabulous as your dress; our skilled nail artists can help you achieve the nails you want for your day.

The perfect salon to help make your hands and feet picture ready

Husband holding the hand of his wife, jus got nails done

We can provide bridal nail services, including complete bridal sets (acrylic nails) for the bride-to-be.

Your hands can look as impressive as your dress.
We can help your nails look as fabulous as your dress; our skilled nail artists can help you achieve the nails you want for your day.

FAQ: Group Reservations

How far in advance do you have to book to reserve for your event?

The more advanced notice we have, the greater the chance we can accommodate your bridal party or quince. However, we can always squeeze our guests in whenever possible to accommodate a large party.

Do we have to pay for the services in advance?

We ask that all the services be paid upfront for large groups and parties. Any extra services we do can be paid for by the person getting the service, or a credit card can be left to pay for any extras.

Are kids allowed?

For their own safety kids are not allowed unless they are under direct parental supervision and getting a service.

What is included with a bridal or quince package?

Access to all our complementary charms, nail polishes, and skilled artists that can make your look come to life.

Can we bring in drinks and snacks for our group?

We usually do not allow drinks or snacks, but we will allow snacks and drinks to be brought in if you reserve for a large group.

How far in advance should we book before our big event to ensure our nails look their best?

All services done at our studio are guaranteed for seven days, so you can rest easy and book your appointment within seven days from your big day and rest easy knowing your nails will look fabulous no matter what. Most people like to come 2 or 3 days before.

How many people can be at the studio when the services are being done?

Anyone getting a service done with us is welcome at our studio; however, we cannot have more than 30 people in the studio at any given point. Therefore, we ask that bridal parties and quinceanera parties are not larger than 15 people.

Request a Group Reservation