ACrylic nail sculpting course

Learn How to sculpt Acrylic Nails that last

Nail artist applies acrylic on nails
Ms Rose Soria is a house nail artist at D'Licious Nails Nail Art Studio

If you have watched a million videos on how to sculpt nails and are still dealing with lifting, cracking, and chipping, join Miss Rose Soria for a full day of Sculpting 101, back to basics and troubleshooting. She will explore the correct way to prep, prime, and build—shaping techniques, filing techniques, and finishing those beautiful custom nails to perfection. Learn tricks to customize forms and develop habits that will save you time and money. 

This class was developed by Miss Rose Soria, to pick up where beauty school training left off. She has spent 20 years in beauty schools and knows the basics are good to start, but now that you are behind the chair, you need more, and she is ready to share it with you! You have questions, and she has answers!

She is a licensed Cosmetology Instructor and former Educator for Tammy Taylor Nails. She has spent over 30 years in the beauty industry and has developed a love for doing nails. She has always been behind the chair or nail desk and understands the day to day issues nail artists face. Learn her secret to having a successful career as a nail artist.

Develop Correct Sculpting Skills and Techniques

Still have issues with nails Lifting and Cracking?

  • Learn correct nail prep and cuticle removal
  • Learn how to customize forms for beautiful shapes and “C” curves
  • Apply acrylic to save time on filing
  • Filing techniques
  • Finishing Skills
  • Training Certification on Nail Sculpting 101

Long lasting acrylic nails start with an amazing foundation

Learn how to use the natural shape of the nail on your designs

Learn how to place your product to create the design you are after

Do Nails with Confidence


You will gain insights and understanding as to how you can make your nail last longer and look amazing, all while maximizing your efficiencies.

Get Certified

You will get certificate and the skills to make better nails. That will keep your guests rebooking to get their nails done with you because your nails will last longer.

Get Faster

After the class you will be able to finish your nails a lot sooner by following the techniques you will learn.

Save Money

You will save money by taking this course and applying the techniques covered in this all day hands on course.

Class Details

Date and Time: Monday, March 23rd @ 10:00am-7pm
(Lunch is included - Those with diet preferences please let Miss Rose know)

Location: D'Licious Nails Nail Art Studio

Class Registration: $275

Register and Ask Miss Rose a Question

Contact Miss Rose with any questions and to register for the class.

Registration closes March 13 ☘️