Eyelash Extensions

Get eyelash extensions and save time getting ready in the morning.
Your eyes can Effortlessly look amazing all day.

Do you want your eyes to look amazing all day? 😍

With Eyelash extensions, your eyes do so effortlessly.

Eyelash extensions done the correct way will get your eyes many second looks. Every eyelash line is one of a kind and deserves custom attention and care when getting eyelash extensions applied on them. Done the correct way they will feel like your own lashes only fuller, longer and more amazing. 

Eyelash Extensions Options

Get eyelash extensions with us an experience how amazing your eyes can look from the moment you wake up. Experience how it is to help your eyes look effortlessly amazing. 


A full Set of Classic Eyelash extensions are ideal for those that have many natural eyelashes and want to extend them. One extension is applied on each one of your natural eyelashes. Your eyes will look like you have mascara on all the time.

$ 150
/ 1 hr 30 min
  • Add length to your existing lashes
  • Save time doing make up
  • Your eyes will look like you are always wearing mascara
1 : 1 Extensions


Soften and fill your eyelashes with our Soft Volume full set. A fuller but still natural look that we create by adding 5-7 eyelash extensions per natural lash. Ideal for those eyes that have fewer eyelashes and need a little more volume.
$ 180
/ 2 hr
  • Add a little volume to your eyelashes
  • We extend each eyelashes with 5 to 7 eyelashes each
  • Add a bit more volume to your eyelashes giving your eyes a fuller softer look
1 : 5-7 Extensions


Volume eyelashes will make your eyelashes look full yet soft and fluttery. An eye-catching dramatic look that is created by applying 7-12 extensions per natural lash. If you want a full yet sassy and fun look, these eyelash extensions will make your eyes look amazing.

$ 210
/ 2 hr 30 min
  • Add more volume per eyelash
  • Extend each eyelash with between 7 to 12 eyelash extensions
  • A soft sassy look that will get more attention

1 : 7-12 Extensions


Dramatic full eye-catching eyelashes. That are very full, 10-15 eyelashes extensions are applied on each natural eyelash. A comfortable and wearable look that uses extra thin eyelashes to not weigh your eyes down.

$ 250
/ 3 hr
  • Add dramatic volume to your eyelashes
  • Extended with 10 - 15 extra thin eyelashes per eyelash
  • People's eyes will be drawn to yours when you walk in a room
1 : 10-15 Extensions

Eyelash Extensions FIlls

When you get fills we will remove any eyelashes that are about to fall and fill in any patches that have lost the fullness you once had from your eyelash extensions.


Make your Classic Eyelashes look amazing again.

$ 65
/1 hr


Bring that Soft Volume back to your eyelashes.
$ 75
/1 hr


Get that volume back on your eyelashes

$ 85
/1 hr 15 min


Bring your Classic Eyelashes back to life.
$ 100
/1 hr 30 min

Eyelash extension fills are an option for people that have at least 30% of their extensions intact, if you have less than that a new full set is needed.