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Pedicure in a Box

At-Home Spa Pedicure in a box

Have you ever wanted to treat your feet to a spa pedicure at home? Then, we have the solution for you! Our D’Licious Pedicure in a box has everything you need for your next DIY at-home spa pedicure experience. With this at-home spa pedicure kit, you will be able to give yourself or your loved ones a soothing at-home spa pedicure that has been individually packed at our nail art studio.

Have a salon experience with our at-home spa pedicure kit with all the essentials for a spa salon experience in the comfort of your own home. Kids Jelly Spa Pedicure kit and Adult Spa Pedicure kit come with their unique Pedicure in a Box collection with the key ingredients for a lovely day at the spa at home.

Pedicure in a box

Spa Pedicure Essentials in a Box

Includes all the essentials for that at-home spa pedicure experience.

Kids Jelly
Pedicure in a Box

A jelly pedicure for kids of all ages
$ 20
  • One Kids Jelly Soak mix
  • One nail file
  • One nail buffer
  • One orangewood stick
  • One nail cleaning brush
  • One cotton swab
  • One mini nail polish (randon color)
  • Two acetone cleansing wipes
  • Toe separators for one
Kids Pedicure

Pamper Me
Pedicure in a Box

At home Organic Spa Pedicure kit for one
$ 30
  • 1 oz Salon Foot Bath Soak Mix (Sea Salt Soak- Flower scent)
  • 1 oz Sugar Scrub
  • 1 oz Collagen masque
  • 1 oz Massage Cream
  • One alcohol cleaning wipe
  • One professional single use foot file
  • One buffer
  • One orangewood stick
  • Three wooden scooper sticks
  • One reusable nail cleansing brush
  • Two acetone cleansing wipes
  • Toe separators for one
One Adult

Pedicure in a Box

At home Organic Spa Pedicure kit for 2
$ 45
  • 2.5 oz Salon Foot Bath Soak Mix (Sea Salt Soak- Flower scent)
  • 2.5 oz Sugar Scrub
  • 2.5 oz Collagen masque
  • 2.5 oz Massage Cream
  • Two Alcohol cleaning wipes
  • Two professional single use foot files
  • Two buffers
  • Two orangewood sticks
  • Six wooden scooper sticks
  • Two reusable nail cleansing brushes
  • Two acetone cleansing wipes
  • Toe separators for two
2 Adults

Pedicure in a Box

At home Organic Spa Pedicure kit for 4
+ 1 FREE Jelly Soak
$ 75
  • 7 oz Foot Bath Soak (Sea Salt Soak- Flower scent)
  • 7 oz Sugar Scrub
  • 7 oz Collagen mud masque
  • 7 oz Massage Cream
  • Four alcohol cleansing wipes
  • professional single use foot files
  • Four buffers
  • Four orangewood stick
  • Twelve wooden scooper sticks
  • Two reusable nail cleansing brushes
  • Two Cleansing Pads
  • Toe separators for four
  • One complementary Jelly Soak mix
4 Adults

DIY: Salon Spa Pedicure Experience at Home

To ensure you have the best experience please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Gather your supplies for your at-home salon spa pedicure in a box experience.

Step 2: Exfoliate the skin on your feet with the Foot File

Set a towel to catch any debris that comes off your foot. Next, take the alcohol cleansing wipes and disinfect them around your feet, look over your skin and make a note of any cracks or calloused dead skin. Get your professional single-use foot file, with the rougher side first begin to exfoliate your skin by removing any dead skin or calloused areas. Use caution when using the foot file, don’t apply too much pressure. If you have cracked skin, be very careful, gently exfoliate, going in the same direction as the crack, minimizing the chance of opening up more. When the foot file becomes gunky, give it a tap to continue using it when it gets too dirty. Touch and feel around your feet to see where you need to exfoliate any dry, dead skin. Be sure to not over-exfoliate by doing a little, seeing how your skin feels, and doing a little more, stop working on an area if you feel any burning sensation. Use the softer side to polish your skin by first dusting any debris before polishing the skin on your feet.

Step 3: Soak your feet in the Salon Foot Bath Soak Mix

Fill your large bowl with warm water to your liking, and add our sea salt soak mix until dissolved (people with sensitive skin should start with half). Stir it until all the particles are dissolved in the water. Gently submerge your feet in the water for at least 10 minutes to soothe your skin. After each foot has been soaked for at least 10 minutes, dry them thoroughly.

Step 4: Apply the Sugar Scrub

If you recently shaved, it’s better not to exfoliate your skin with the sugar scrub since it can aggravate your skin. To use the scrub get your wooden scooper sticks and put a quarter-size amount in your hand and begin to rub it on the soles of your feet and your legs. Next, treat the skin on your feet and legs up to your knees, gently massaging the sugar treatment in a circular motion. Use the scrub to remove any dead skin, and the scrub will easily wash away with warm water after you have rubbed it on your legs and feet.

Step 5: Apply the Collagen Masque

Get your wooden scooper stick and get a quarter size amount of the collagen masque, put a dab of the mud mask onto your legs, feet, and between fingers and toes to soften your skin. Make sure you cover every area of your foot that needs to be treated. Give it at least ten minutes to let this moisturizer start working; while you wait, you can begin working on clipping and shaping your toenails.

Step 6: Clip and shape your toenails

Next, clip and shape your toenails to your desired length. Use the orange woodstick included in your spa pedicure kit to gently push your cuticles back. After clipping your nails, you use the buffer to shape your nails by adding light pressure to the edges of your nails as you rub away your nail tip to shape it. Use your pink cleansing brush to brush away any dead skin and clean your nail beds. After clipping and cleaning your nails, use the hot towel to remove the mud masque from your legs.

Β Pro Nail Clipping Tips

  • Avoid single complete whole cuts.
  • Make small cuts when cutting your nails.
  • It is better to cut them a little longer and shape them down with the buffer.
  • Keep your cuts flat to prevent ingrown nails.
  • Use a flat nail clipper

Step 7: Apply the Massage Cream

Place a quarter-size amount of the massage cream on the palm of your hand with the wooden scooper stick. Use your fingers and the right amount of pressure to massage and soothe your feet and legs. Look for any areas that need more exfoliation. Be cautious to not get any on your clean nails and cuticle areas. Put the massage cream on any rough spots that need more moisturizing and use the foot file to gently remove any dead skin.

Step 8: Apply the nail polish of your choice

Use the acetone cleansing wipes (keep handy to clean any polish) in the spa pedicure kit to clean your nails and remove oils or lotions on your nails or cuticle area. Make sure to clean each nail carefully. Next, take your toe separators and put them between your toes, and prepare to polish them. You will first apply one coat of base coat on each toenail followed by 2-3 coats of your favorite nail polish, and finish it off with a topcoat.


How to apply nail polish like a pro image

Completing your DIY pedicure in a box

After treating your feet to a spa experience, spend some time relaxing and let your skin and feet breathe. We recommend that you leave your feet and legs exposed to the air for one hour. After applying nail polish, it’s crucial, so we encourage you to sit back and relax after your pedicure and wear open-toed shoes and shorts to let your legs and feet completely dry.