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As a nail salon, we aim to treat each client to the best pedicure or manicure. One way we do this is by making sure that the pedicures we do are the safest possible. We go above and beyond as a salon by using one time implements (buffer, foot file, toe separators, and nail file), applying medical grade sterilization standards on our tools and by being on the lookout for fungus on our client’s hands and feet. If we do a service for you, it’s because we feel that you are healthy enough to get a service done and will recommend for you to visit a doctor if we think you can have a fungal infection. We are not doctors, only a doctor can diagnose, but we train our team to be able to identify the signs of a possible infection so we can educate our clients on how they can get help.

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What is foot fungus? In short, a skin infection caused by fungus located on your feet. Our feet are a breeding ground for fungi because they are normally covered.  Our feet are an ideal environment for fungus to grow and multiply.

How contagious is it? Foot fungus is extremely easy to spread. Contact with a single nail clipping is enough to spread the fungus.

We take the safety of our clients to a new level and use hospital-level sterilization procedures on our basins and tools to minimize exposure. To minimize the possibility of spreading fungus on any client, we have a policy of not taking clients that have signs of a fungal infection.

5 Symptoms of Foot Fungus

Itching –  If you have itchy feet it can be an early sign of exposure to a fungus

Burning Sensation – People with foot fungus will sometimes feel a burning sensation

Dry Pealing Patches – People will sometime develop dry, itchy patches on their feet that sometimes cracks

Blisters and Sores – People will sometimes develop sores and blisters on their feet when they have fungus growing on them

Thick Overgrown Nails – Sometimes the infection spreads under the fingernail and causes nails to turn dark and thick

We are not medical professionals but if we notice signs of fungal growth, we have a policy of not taking the client, educating them on our concerns and pointing them in the direction of where they can get help.


5 Things to Remember About Foot Fungus

Toenail fungus stays local – Toenails tends to stay on the nail or in the area immediately surrounding it

It can spread on the body –  It can spread to other toes on the infected foot or hand

Age is a factor – People over 60 are at a greater risk of becoming infected

It can be contagious – You can catch it if you use sox or towels that touched an infected foot or from toenail clippings that are left behind

 An injury can lead to an infection – If you stub your toe and injure the nail it can lead to an infection.


How to Beat the Infection

If you are infected there is hope for you.  You can treat your infection and eliminate the discomfort and itchiness associated with a fungal infection. There are several options to treat it, everything from topical to laser treatments. 

We reached out to the best medical professionals in El Paso, TX. Reach out to them if you suspect you are afflicted with a fungus infection. 

Advanced Foot Care

1635 N. Lee Trevino Suite C El Paso, TX 79936 (915)593-36668

El Paso Feet

1533 Lee Trevino Dr C1 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 239-0003

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