Nail Art Classes at Every Level

Elevate your nail art skills with us

ย This was the last Swarovski certified nail artist class that we had at D’Licous Nails Nail Art Studio.

Introductory to Advanced Nail Art Classes

Learn everything from the basics to advanced nail art skills at our studio. We have instructors that have taken the necessary courses to show others how to use industry leading nail art products. Advanced nail art classes are available to help you sharpen your skills. Our studio is a welcoming home for all nail artists that want to learn to do better nails.  

Learn the skills that will make you a better nail artist

Forming Nails is a skill you can learn with us

Nail Structure and Shaping

A fingernailโ€™s anatomy is intricately related to your nail art; understanding this will help you when working with guests who have different shapes. Learn all about nails-their function, appearance, their relationship between grooming techniques you can apply use to wow your guests as a nail professional.

Russian Manicure

Meticulous/Russian Manicures

Learn to use an e-file to clean up cuticles. It should only be done by trained professionals to avoid damaging the nail bed and plate. Learn this to avoid nicking clients with the nippers.

Nail Art Basics and advanced courses

Nail Art Basic/Advanced

A good nail technician should always be confident in their work. This is why it's crucial to learn how to use an e-file, so you can offer professional manicures and pedicures without risking your clients' nails!

Nail extensions with acrylic and gel

Nail Extension Application

A perfect set of nails will require tips or forms that match the client's nail bed and matrix. Learn to work with your clients anatomy in order to help them keep a long-lasting healthy design without any lifting!

Sculpted nails

Gel, Acrylic and Tip Extension Forming

Gain confidence in your nail design skills and master the art of balancing clean lines with keeping nails at a length that's perfect for your guest's nail beds. Understand how different length nails will impact what you're designing on their nails.

Gel Manicuring, Filing and Polishing

Gel manicures offer a long-lasting manicure that will keep your guest's nails looking perfect! Skilled nail artists must first do some prep work, in order to achieve the desired design they want for their fingers. Learn the gel manicure essentials to start impressing your guests.

Upcoming Classes

Russian/ Meticulous Manicuring Basics

A Russian manicure is a great way to keep your nails looking their finest longer. In this D’Licious Nails nail art studio certified class, you’ll learn techniques using e-files and specialized bit-tools to safely remove excess skin around each individual fingernail without cutting or damaging your guest’s nails! The techniques thought in this class can be a replacement to the traditional manicures most do with nippers or cuticle pushers. Using these techniques will help your nails last up two weeks longer sometimes even more when done correctly.

All About Nail Crystals

At the ‘All About Nail Crystal’ course nail artist will learn how to apply crystals on nails and ensure that the decorations they use stay in place and look flawless. The techniques taught can also be applied for other nail decoration services like applying charms or attaching clear, sparkling rhinestones. This workshop is designed to give you the skill sets needed to successfully add these touches of beauty onto your manicure and pedicures so they’re beautiful, durable, and long-lasting!


The ‘Sculpting-101’ Learn the correct and proper ways of preparing, priming, building your nail as well as shaping techniques that should be used to be able do acrylic nails that last. This is an important class for any aspiring or experienced nail artist that wants to improve the lifespan of their work. This course will teach you how to sculpt some amazing picture-ready nails, get ready to level up your Sculpting Skills.