ACrylic nail sculpting course

Learn How to sculpt Acrylic Nails that last

Nail artist applies acrylic on nails

‘Acrylic Nails 101’Β  will help you do acrylic nails for guests that won’t lift as easy, crack, or easily chip. Learn to use your favorite acrylics correctly on nails and troubleshoot to correct the issues at the root of the problem. Learn the correct way to prep, prime, and build your nailsβ€” you will also learn shaping techniques, filing techniques, and how to finish your custom nails. This class will help you have happier customers and time and money as a nail artist sculpting acrylic nails.Β 

Undarmaa Baasandorj, the creator of this class and a successful nail artist herself. She will teach you how to master the acrylic nails you do. Her techniques have allowed her guests to love their full sets for years now – she has been able to help many nail artists take their careers to the next level!

Learn professional acrylic nail sculpting skills and techniques

Your customers will love your acrylic nails, when you level up your skills

Long lasting acrylic nails start with an amazing foundation

Learn how to use the natural shape of the nail on your designs

Learn how to place your product to create the design you are after

Do Acrylic Nails with Confidence


You will gain insights and understanding as to how you can make your nails last longer and look amazing, all while maximizing your efficiencies.

Get Certified

You will get certificate and the the skills from us. Your guests will see that you took the class and are applying the skills you learned because your nails will last weeks not days. .

Get Faster

After the class you will be able to finish your nails a lot sooner by following the techniques you will learn. As a nail artist you know time is money and if you get faster and can take more clients you make more money

make more money

You will get a certificate and the skills to make better nails. This will keep guests rebooking to get their nails done with you because your nails will last longer and look amazing. ​

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