Tooth crystals at our nail art studio will add an extra shine to your smile.

Tooth Crystals

An easy, safe and simple way to add a sparkle to your smile

Tooth Crystals: The Tooth Gems of the 90s

Many of the trends that were fashionable in the 1990s are back. It is no surprise that tooth gems a subtle or not so subtle cute thing that many people did in the ’90s to add a spark to their teeth is back. Back in the day, you could get tooth crystals as they are referred to now at some trendy tattoo shops. It is no surprise if some of the tooth jewels used back then were not as safe as the once we use at our studio today. We use only high quality and precision cut, Swarovski crystals on your teeth. .  

Tooth Crystal on a woman's tooth

Only the Highest Quality Crystals

With anything that goes into your mouth you must have the upmost care and attention. For that reason we offer this service only using Swarovski Advanced Crystals. Swarovski advanced crystals are considered to be “Lead Free” and are one of the safer tooth jewel options available.