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Our Nail Salon offers the best nails, pedicures, eyelash extensions and waxing services.

Our team of passionate nail artists is committed to ensuring that you get the beautiful nails you are after. Most salons do nails as a secondary service; we specialize in all things nails and nail art. We are not like any other Nail Salon in El Paso, TX because we are a nail art studio. Our studio artists create custom art for each person that books an appointment. Every person that sits in our chairs has something to express; we are here to help them achieve it. Come to our salon and be prepared to leave with manicured nails, nail art, pedicure or lashes.

Nail Artists at our Nail Salon

We have three types of artists you can choose to do your nails. Our newer artists are Junior Nail Artists that we pick to work with us because of their skill and passion. We use that passion to show them how to develop as artists and mentor them as they master their techniques until they move on to the next level. The next level up is our studio Nail Artists. With over two years of experience and nail courses completed to improve their technical and artistic abilities, we help them become advanced artists. The most advanced nail artist in our studio is our Advanced Nail Artist Educator; she has ten years of experience doing nails and is a certified instructor of Akentz and Swarovski.  Review our nail artists portfolios and see what artist will help you complete the look you want. 

A Place for Eyelash Extensions in El Paso

Applying eyelash extensions requires skills and artistic abilities. The time invested getting a new set of eyelash extensions is well spent. You will not have to work as hard in the morning doing your make up. With eyelash extensions, we can add volume or length to your existing lashes. We also offer touch ups for those times that your eyelash extensions need a little attention. Book an appointment to get your eyelash extensions El Paso.

Treat Yourself to an Amazing Pedicure

Get the BEST pedicure in El Paso at our Nail Art Studio

We do the best pedicures in el Paso tx and use the best products

If you are looking for a place to get a special pedicure in El Paso, you can stop looking. Let us give your feet the love and attention they deserve.    

We use only high-quality beauty products on the nails, pedicures, eyelash and waxing service at our nail salon.

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