D'Licious Nails Falloween Nail Art Contest 2020 El Paso Nail Art Contest


Last year we had our first Falloween nail art contest where one artist took home the prize. Candy Shreve was crowned queen of Falloween by getting over 800 reactions on her entry (Likes. Loves and Wows), will she be the queen in 2021? This year our prize package will be bigger than ever and we are expecting to see some amazing Fall or Halloween-themed nails..

The winner of our Falloween Nail Art Contest will win a Mystery Prize valued at $500.ย The Mystery prize includes tools, a nail art class voucher and some nail artist essentials that all successful nail artists need. So if you are a nail artist in El Paso. sign up you best set of nails.








D'Licious Nails is giving away a mystery prize to the best nail artist in El Paso

Nail Art Contest Rules

To qualify upload a picture of your best Fall or Halloween themed nails:

  • The picture should show at minimum one real hand (five fingernails) have a Fall or Halloween theme.
  • Only one submission is allowed per person and it must be your original work.
  • The artist must be from the El Paso metro area.
  • The last day to enter is 10/31/2021.
  • Voting will start on our Facebook Page on 11/01/21 and will end on 11/11/21 @ 11:11 pm.
  • Votes will be counted by the reaction each entry gets. (‘Like’ 1 point, ‘Wow’ 2 points and ‘Love’ 3 points ).
One winner will be announced 11/12/21 and will be declared as the Falloween Nail Art Queen or King.

The Winner (1289 points)

Our nail art contest is finally over and we have a winner! Congratulations, Aidee Tovar. With her impressive free-hand drawing skills, she was able to create an amazing Halloween design on all ten fingers in only 2 hours and a half–WOWza!!!ย 

Follow her work and page here ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฝ


How we determined the winner

It was a close contest and we don't have results as of 11:11 PM because of some technical issues. We will be giving a prize package valued at $500 to both first and second place to be fair.

We have screen shots and a video screen capture showing how we determined Aidee as the winner as of 11/12 at 12:00 AM. 

1st and 2nd place did an amazing job and both will get a nail artists essential gift package valued at $500.   

Thank you to all the people that helped us find a winner (Likes = 1 point, Wows = 2 points, Loves โ™ฅ๏ธ = 3 points), from 11/1-11/11 12:00 AM. 

Both nail artists are  did an amazing job and we hope you find value in the gift packages we will have waiting for you.

Video of the Votes as of 12:00 AM

Screen Shot of the Runner Up (1280 points)

Screen Shot of the Winner (1289 points)

Runner Up (1280 Points)

Winner of Falloween 2021

Cassandraa did this full set of acrylic nails size 5 with an IT theme. She used Young nails acrylic.

Follow her work:

Full set of cute Halloween-themed nails done with Max Estrada hard gel.


Full set acrylics size 6 length, cover powder from Valentino, gel art brand is from max Estrada and brushes from DND, matte topcoat from Kupa.


Full set of gel extensions with skeleton embellishments and hand-painted nail art. Done with Max Estrada products.


Full set of sculpted acrylic nails with a hand-painted design. Used Young Nails Acrylic and Luxa matte top coat.


Acrylic overlay with hand-drawn Halloween theme. Done with Mia Secret products.