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When you visit us you will leave with a smile on your face and the most amazing nails on on your fingers

Nail art created at our studio DLicious Nails

We opened our nail art studio in far east El Paso with the goal of being the place to get amazing nails. We wouldn’t be the studio that we are now, if not for the amazing nail artists that work with us. We have three types of artists at our nail art studio: Junior, House or Advanced nail artists. We are very lucky to have two certified nail art educators working at at our studio. They help us grow as a studio by sharing their knowledge and encouraging our nail artists to learn from each other. We are all about nails and pedicures but offer other beauty services to our guests.

Nail Art done by our advanced nail artist photo shoot

Nail Art at the Level You Want

When you book with us you get to choose the artist that you want to do your work based on the skill they have. That’s important because every artist is at their own unique level,ย just like Leonardo da Vinciย wouldnโ€™t have been able to create the Mona Lisa on his first try at painting, artists at our studio are at different levels. You can book an appointment according to the quality of work that you want on your hands or feet.


Most frequent questions and answers

We charge by the hour for nails the rate is based on the skill the artist doing your work has. You can choose from newer artists (Jr. Nail Artist, $30 per hour) to tenured artists (House Nail Artist, $40 per hour) to most advanced artist (Advanced Nail Artist, $60 per hour). On average a new set of acrylic nails with minimal nail art will take 1 hour 30 minutes and a gel manicure will take about an hour, with any artist.ย ย 

We do not offer dip nails. We don’t like the application process, we prefer to not use the same tool or product on the same person. Dip application uses a community dipping container and we don’t feel it is sanitary.ย 

We are ready to do great nails or lashes on any person that sits down in our chairs or lays down for lashes, customers are always welcome. If you want to get seen, we encourage you to book an appointment online to reserve your spot. You can book up to 1 hour before getting a service done.

We offer manicures, nails, pedicures, lashes and waxing.

We are happy to offer classes once a month, on the first Monday of every month for our artists and we will periodically open them up to the public. We also offer certified and nail art classes to the public, sign up to get notified classes and course details.