Nail Services

The perfect destination for fabulous nails, our artists use the best products to create your dream look - book with us today.

Acrylic Nails

We mix the monomer (liquid) and polymer powder that we carry in various colors or clear from top manufacturers; Young Nails, Tammy Taylor, Valentino to create a length and provide strength to your nails. During this service, we use nail forms or tips to sculpt your nails to the shape you want. This nail service can take about an hour and a half on clean nails. The time invested in getting them will ensure your nails look great for several weeks. 

Hard Gel Nails

Hard Gel is an alternative to acrylic nails. The difference being in the way hard gel cures. We carry hard gel from Akzentz and Young nails, it comes premixed and only cures when exposed to UV light. The hard gel mixture is formed to the shape of your choice in an almost odor free environment. Hard gel nails are the best option for those that don’t like the smell of monomer. Gel nails when done right can last as long as acrylic nails because of the way hard gel binds.

Aprés Gel-X

Aprés formulated a new way to enhance your nails with Gel-X Tips. it’s a way of enhancing your nails by binding a Gel X nail extension to your nails and curing the nails with UV.  This services is the quickest because the nail extensions can be applied on your hands and bonded in 30 minutes or less when they are placed under UV light and can be removed in 15 minutes. This service can last up to 3 weeks. If you want to extend your nails quickly. Try Aprés Gel-X during your next appointment, if you want your nails done quickly.


An impressive set of nails starts with a fantastic manicure. A manicure ensures that we have a clean, smooth canvas to work on. Some people are happy with only the manicure and ask to leave the nails as they are and get a top coat on their nails.  Another option is to keep your nails short and get some gel polish. A manicure will normally take us about an hour to complete. This depends on the condition of your nails. A great manicure is a must and a needed first amazing nails. 

Nail Art Extras

As our guest you have access to our library of embellishments, glitters and D'Licious Nail art candy to make your nails look the way you want. Pick anything from our collection for your nails or pedicure.


We have sugar, fine, coarse and chunky glitters in many different colors and shapes. 

Flowers and Stones

Flower petals and stones add a new level of colors and texture on your nails.  

Metalic Studs

In gold or silver, our studs will make your nails looks fierce.  

Chrome Pigments

We have many colors and tones for you to add that chrome scene to your nails.  

Metal Bullions

Tiny gold and silver beads in many sizes add texture on nails.

Under the Sea

Our under the sea collection includes nail art inspired by the sea; it contains things like seashells, mermaids, etc.


We have many types of pearls that will add a touch of classiness and sophistication to your nails.

Cute Nail Add Ons

We have cute nail add ons like little bows, flowers and Hello Kitties nail art charms in many colors and styles.

Shiny Stars

Stars on your nails will add a nice touch to your nails; we have many different colors and styles.


Our complementary stones will add that sparkle that will get second looks. We have stones of various styles and colors.


Stickers are tiny pieces of nail art that will add a design color or texture on your nails

Nail Foil

Nail foil when encapsulated and shimmer and shine in a whole new way. 


Dangles are little chains we can use to create a pattern on your nails or hang them from your nails, and we can attach feathers on your them.

Nail Molds

With our molds, we can make very exact copies of the patterns you want on your nails.

Art Acrylics

We have a collection of custom acrylics and a colored acrylics that we can use to create charms for your nails.


Our collection of feathers come in many colors and styles.

We Use Only the Best Nail Products!

We use the best nail products to keep the smell levels down, protect the health of our guests’ nails and to be sure that they will have a lasting design.

Our Service Guarantee

We take great pride in doing nails that last months. Depending on the way you use your hands and how you take care of your nails, your nails can last a very long time. We Guarantee our work, every nail service we do comes with a 5-day Guarantee. If you chip your nails, lose a charm or have lifted, we will fix it for FREE. Contact us if something happens to your nails; we will make it right for you.