7 Day Service Guarantee

Our services will last a long time but if something happens in the first 7 days, we will fix it for you for free.

Our Service Guarantee

When you get a service from us, you will want that want that fabulous look to last, and we want the same. The last thing that we want is for you to have a nail chip, lifting or for an embellishment to fall off, especially within the first seven days of getting a service from us. Our goal is for you to leave our nail salon wearing your nails or pedicure with confidence until it is time for another. We guarantee our work.

7 Day Guarantee

If something is not right with our work within the first seven days of visiting us, please let us know, we will fix it complementary.

We prefer that the same artist corrects the work to troubleshoot the problem and grow, but if we have availability issues or for other reasons we can make accommodations and, we will correct each other’s mistakes.

Our goal is to learn from the things that our guests tell us about our work so we can amaze them all the time. 😍

You can help us grow as a nail art studio.

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