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Just Say NO to Getting Your Nails Done with Products with MMA

When I first started getting entranced by nails, I noticed how some places charge 25 dollars for a set of nails while others charge double or triple for a new set of nails. Some people think that because one place charges way less the other is price gouging, well I’m here to clear things up for those nail art lovers that wonder why there is such a difference. For starters, some places have nail artists that have taken classes to get better and perfect their craft, that is not cheap. I just got wind of class that happened this past week for 40 dollars. That is not cheap. Those that take the time to improve their skills can charge more because they have skills that others don’t. It’s simple math. The real problem is with nail salons that use cheaper products more hazardous products, to offer acrylic nails with a type of acrylic called Methyl methacrylate, or MMA. The product that reputable salons use has what’s called Ethyl Methacrylate, or EMA. EMA is up to 10 times more expensive than some MMA products in the market. You can tell why this is a problem.

MMA got its start as a compound used to make crowns in teeth and later was used to fuse artificial bone to joints. While it is safer to use in labs and medical professionals can minimize the risks associated with the compound, when acrylic powder and monomer are mixed in a controlled laboratory environment in controlled, measured amounts. MMA in a viscous state is very toxic for our skin and nails, and that is how acrylic is applied on with nail forms. In the late ’60, early ’70 nail artists began using MMA on their clients because it is way cheaper the EMA. In 1974 the FDA took action against manufactures that were using MMA in their nail products because of the great health risk that MMA poses. 

There are many reasons why MMA is not recommended for nails. For starters MMA when cured is very hard and can lead for nails that can easily break the nail off the finger. It is also solvent resistant making it very hard to remove. When nail artists remove, MMA product becomes gummy and hard to remove, that only happens after a long soak in acetone. Some nail techs damage their customers when they apply MMA products because MMA needs a grove to adhere to the nail. Nail artists should always preserve the nail bed under any nail products. This is something that the FDA agrees with, and they have outlawed its use for nail extensions.

How can you protect yourself from those nail salons that are after a profit and do not care about your safety? There are several clues that you can be weary of to insure that you are not getting nails made with MMA. For starters, MMA has a very distinctive fruity smell. When you step into the salon, and you are getting your nails done, if you experience any tightness in your throat or chest, tingling in your fingers, lightheadedness, dizziness, or an odd taste in your mouth, it is possible that MMA is being used. Your nail tech should show you the containers of the products they are using on you. If the acrylic liquid is not kept in a manufacturer’s labeled container or if it is in a gallon jug, ask what it is. If you do not receive a satisfactory answer, leave the salon. In an acrylic nail service, the product used most is liquid, and it can cost $250 or more per gallon for products with EMA, the safe alternative MMA that expense or savings are often passed on to the consumer. If their prices are low where are they cutting their costs? If clues have appeared pointing to your salon using MMA and you notice your fingers burn, itch or hurt after receiving your nail services, that is indicative of MMA exposure. 

MMA has its purpose when used in a laboratory and not a nail salon. The FDA has even taken action against the use of this product to protect the public from its dangers.It is up to each of us to make informed decisions when we purchase any product or service. When making your next nail appointment, can you say with confidence that the products being used on your nails do not contain MMA?

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