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Learn to Create Nail Art with Us

We offer the El Paso community a Studio where nail artists can develop their skills and grow their careers.

First class at our new nail art studio

Here is a picture with our studio artists after the Nail Art Basic Foundations class we had at our new East El Paso nail art studio. 

Introductory to Advanced Nail Art Classes

Every artist starts at a certain level and with determination and passion can develop those foundational skills by learning from experienced artists technical skills and by practicing the skills passes from teacher to student. In our studio, we are pleased to be able to offer classes for artists at all levels, from certified courses that add to an artists marketability. 

Advanced Nail Artist Educator

Undarmaa Baasandorj is our Advanced Nail Artists Educator. She has ten years experience in the beauty industry; during that time she has earn certifications to teach and has completed over ten courses to improve her skills. She is an Akzentz Certified Educator (A.C.E.), and a Swarovski Authorized Nail Art Educator. 

Some of the things you can learn with Us

Forming Nails is a skill you can learn with us

Nail Structure and Shaping

A finger nails anatomy is intricately related to the shape and look of the nail art you can create on it. Learn about nails and what you need to do to work with your clients anatomy to make their hands look amazing.

Russian Manicure

Meticulous/Russian Manicures

Learn to use an e-file to clean up cuticles. It should only be done by trained professionals to avoid damaging the nail bed and plate. Learn this to avoid nicking clients with the nippers.

Nail Art Basics and advanced courses

Nail Art Basic/Advanced

From idea to final product the perfect set of nails are a result of pre-work that includes an excellent consultation and the application of technical skills. Learn where you are at and how you can get to where you want to be.

Nail extensions with acrylic and gel

Nail Extension Application

A perfect set of nails will require tips or forms that match the clients nail bed and matrix. Learn to work with your client anatomy to help them keep a long lasting healthy design with no lifting.

Sculpted nails

Gel, Acrylic and Tip Extension Forming

The form and shape of the nails you create will result in new and returning customers or the opposite. Learn how to shape the nails in a way that you beautify you clients hands and fingers.

Gel Manicuring, Filing and Polishing

Gel manicures are special in the long lasting look they achieve. Prep work, filing techniques and curing must be observed to insure that the design your client is after is achieved.

We Have Certified Classes

We offer classes that are certified by Akzentz and Swarovski. Our Advanced Nail Artist Educator is the instructor. She is certified as an instructor by both of these industry-leading companies. 

Akzentz Certificate Classes

There are four certificate classes offered by our studio Akzentz Certified Educator;

  • Options Certification Class: Options UV/LED Soak Gels – Options delivers strength, perfect results, and long-lasting wear.
  • Pro-Formance Certification Class:
    Pro-Formance is the Akzentz hard gel line featuring Diamond Strength Technology.
  • Gel Play Certification Class: This unique certification class covers the Gel Play product line of Paints, Glitters, Glitter Shifters, Glitz, and Powders.
  • Luxio Certification Class: Renowned for its high quality it is quickly becoming the top gel of choice for gel manicures and pedicures

Swarovski Certified Nail Artist

The Swarovski Certified Nail Artist workshop teaches nail artists is an all-day class that covers;

  • How to apply Swarovski® crystals and Crystalpixie™ – two of the most eye-catching crystal embellishments for creating dazzling nail art
  • Crystal design methods – learn about the proper placement of crystals and troubleshooting techniques to develop a long-lasting snag free design. 
  • Crystal Removal Methods – Swarovski crystals resemble diamonds and can be reused when removed, learn how to remove them.
  • Marketing and branding  – Learn how to brand and monetize your new skills
  •  How to brand and display the title earned – Learn how to use and show your badge earned as a ‘Swarovski Certified Nail Artist’
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